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Roof Repair

A thorough inspection of the roof often reveals whether repairs are needed or not. We take care of your roof and let you know the best resolution after the inspection, thinking about your economy, and security.


Roof Maintenance

We perform preventative maintenance checks on wood leaks, cracking, and rotting. Call us for a free roof repair and replacement quote. Roof adjustments and maintenance can extend the life of your existing roof. If your roof is under the age of 15 and you are concerned about its condition, CJ Services has a residential roof maintenance program that may be the solution.


Roof Replacements

Perhaps you don't think much about the roof of your house-until problems such as leaks, shingles damage or omissions, or the appearance of asphalt granules appear in the gutter sy

Roof Inspection

Scheduling An Appointment

Your roof will require some professional attention for long live, make an appointment
an experienced roofer will check your roof

    Pricing Plan

    We can offer
    the ideal roofing plans

    With more than four decades of proven success in quality roofing services
    Shelder Roofing and Retro-Fit group

    Woodland, Camelot ll , Grand sequoia


    Dollar Per Square (10x10)

    Arquitect Roof


    Dollar Per Square (10x10)

    Roof Installation


    Dollar Per Square (10x10)

    Removing old shingles


    Dollar Per Square (10x10)